Every company is interested in making tailor-made offers to its existing or potential customers. Personalised advertising increases the chances of concluding a contract and saves resources. Especially in tourism, the market is highly competitive and every visitor counts. For this reason, the collection of data and the creation of profiles for advertising purposes are particularly important. Hotels, event organizers, restaurants or companies for tourism promotion process a lot of personal data and must, therefore, particularly comply with privacy provisions.

In the tourism industry, data is regularly transferred to other parties. Booking requests are forwarded to another provider, telephone numbers and addresses are disclosed or participant data is exchanged in the course of joint projects. The use of websites and social media is also a major issue, as data and images are often published on the Internet. Not only privacy provisions have to be considered, but also competition law provisions, especially in the area of marketing.

MORGENSTERN advises companies in the tourism industry, considering both legal requirements and economic interests. Privacy should not be perceived as an obstacle, but as possibility.

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