Retail und Consumer Goods

A central and well-maintained customer database has become one of the most central values of a dealer and / or manufacturer. Customer data used legally compliant even largely determines the economic value of a company as such. Data that has not been collected in compliance with the partly strict and complex legal provisions cannot be used for the requested purposes and represent latent liability risks.

Of course, companies have a significant interest in obtaining an extensive possible view of their customers and prospects – ideally a 360-degree view. It is all about customer relationships, customer experience and an entire customer journey. When software and systems are introduced and used, a wide range of privacy provisions must, therefore, be observed. The technical implementation and, in particular, the area of IT security must not be neglected.

If the offerings are addressed to consumers, the implementation of consumer protection regulations is required in addition to comply with privacy provisions. MORGENSTERN considers all of these diverse provisions in its consulting services on the basis of its extensive industry knowledge and reconciles them with an effective customer management.

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