The principles of “privacy through technology” and “privacy-friendly default settings” have found their way into privacy law when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. They emphasise the need of dealing with privacy requirements when creating and implementing systems and oblige companies to decide carefully about hardware, software and service providers from the start of data processing.

For software manufacturers, hardware and service providers in the fields of IT systems and IT services, the early and comprehensive consideration of privacy provisions is required. The design and further development of products and services must align with the new principles in order not to suffer a competitive disadvantage compared to other providers. The customer is obliged to choose the “most privacy-friendly” service. Therefore, the implementation of the GDPR has become an economic factor.

By integrating into existing and developing new strategies for marketing and customer communication, the examination and compliance with the aspects of privacy and IT security as well as a corresponding external communication are of great importance. Through audits and certifications, it can be demonstrated to customers that their own services meet the legal requirements. Since the GDPR came into effect, compliance with certain privacy provisions can also be proven by submitting certificates. Audit reports and certificates are becoming more important, hence, the audit by independent service providers can represent a real added value.

MORGENSTERN supports your company in the conception and implementation of an appropriate certification procedure and develops together with you a communication and marketing strategy for your product.