IT Security Analysis

In the context of a security analysis, a personal interview with the client and its IT or process manager is conducted in order to get an initial overview of the current situation. Based on this, an IT structure analysis (status quo analysis) is carried out on site to obtain detailed information about the IT system.

The review of the internal IT documentation enables a quick familiarisation with your system and creates a basis for initial recommendations. If you have no or an incomplete IT documentation, the consultants at MORGENSTERN will assist you to create or optimise it.

After the assessment of the status quo, you will receive initial findings for the optimisation of your situation and be provided with main focuses and problem areas. MORGENSTERN will determine further steps and their scope together with you.

MORGENSTERN will then assist you in the implementation of immediate measures. Furthermore, MORGENSTERN works with you to find sustainable solutions by creating projects. In particular, the compatibility of new components with your existing system and its sustainability are in the focus in order to generate long-term added value. If additional service providers or product providers are needed, MORGENSTERN takes care of the coordination and communication between the parties involved and monitors this project at your request.

Further measures such as an analysis of vulnerabilities or advice on the introduction of new software and hardware are also part of MORGENSTERN’s core competencies.