Our Compensation System

We stand for modern thinking and innovation. That is why we scrutinize almost all established processes and see if there is a need for optimization. In the area of compensation model, we have found and implemented new possibilities.

Compensation Model

HHigh hourly rates, accumulating billings and subsequently booked daily rates – we do not believe in the common remuneration systems in the field of legal consulting! We see comprehensive and professional consulting more as a project and therefore want to implement a transparent, comprehensible and project-based remuneration system. Our approach consists of four levels:

  • a comprehensive initial consultation, in which your goals and requirements are worked out and discussed in detail
  • a personalized and customized offer from us to you
  • ongoing documentation with regular feedback on the current project status
  • a clean conclusion of the project with a detailed final discussion

We are convinced that this type of compensation in the legal consulting field will help you to manage your budget more effectively, as well as give us the opportunity to offer a high quality and transparent service. Because transparency, trust and cooperation are the basis of a good collaboration. And we are convinced that you see it the same way!