Consulting Approach

MORGENSTERN’s consulting focuses on privacy and IT security. The combination of these two areas requires a holistic consideration in which different consultants have to be employed. Therefore, every consultant at MORGENSTERN concentrates on their own subjects and, if necessary, gets “help” and support from their own working area.

The core of the consulting approach is the implementation of systems, processes and management requirements in compliance with privacy provisions. The interface between legal advice and the actual implementation of legal provisions is particularly important. The consultants at MORGENSTERN do not simply raise questions, but find solutions. On a sound legal basis, the technical-organisational implementation, in particular, is also considered. Only together with the corresponding technical know-how, complex legal provisions can be implemented holistically and sustainably.

In particular, companies that process sensitive data or that are related to the definition of “critical infrastructure” have to deal profoundly with privacy and IT security. But even with less risky data categories, processing must be lawful and sufficiently secure as the establishment of a data protection management and a sufficiently secure IT infrastructure are essential.